Thursday, October 16, 2014

A year has passed

It has been almost exactly a year since my last post on this blog. This was mainly due to me finding my feet in terms of time management. I still am convinced that capturing our homeschool life in blog form will be of real  interest to my offspring one day.

I also happen to know some of you are both intrigued and amazed by this unusual path we have taken and perhaps watching it unfold will demystify some of the homeschool myths you may have held as truths.

Thursdays are always eagerly anticipated - we have close friends who come and share our school day with us. Together they all sit around our table and compete their discipline subjects independently. There is much bantering, snickering and general tomfoolery.

Once this is done we look at collaboration work that can happens across the age range (8,10,11,12,13) and this is the highlight of their time. (Apart from the games of soccer and wii etc)

Right now they are working on a minecraft project - they are going to present their answers in a variety of forms from written to media .

The girls are also busy with their blogs and social media exploits. It's incredible to see their growth in this area; their 'social savvy' is excellent and they will be putting together their own projects in the coming months. 

Kindle are offering this set of Minecraft story books for free right now.  My biggest concern with minecraft was that it  dramatically decreased my sons' desire to read. These books have remedied this problem - they are well written with excellent vocabulary and plenty of intrigue.

I will be updating the Resource tabs in this blog over the coming weeks - after twelve months in the field I have definitely found things that work well and others that really don't deliver in the long term. If you are looking for anything specific to help your child (be they homeschooled or not) please let me know and I will do my best to help.

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