Monday, October 14, 2013

Read and Read Some More

In an effort to seek out good reading material for my kids I went to Sonlight and took inventory of their readers. I have heard ongoing good reports on the quality of the readers they recommend and supply.

Fortunately I could get many of them locally at

I will just share with you the two 'official' readers we are looking at for this term:

1. Sarah, Plain and Tall

with a very thorough and detailed reading/study guide (free in pdf) Both my girls will be able to work through this guide at their specific level.

2. The Courage of Sarah Noble

PDF comprehension printables in chapter by chapter form  exercises are found here.

While both girls are avid readers I am trying to ensure they read books across a wide spectrum of genres. Historical fiction CAN be fun.....however they have learnt to dread that term and I am going to show them that it is, in fact, true!

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