Wednesday, October 22, 2014

'My Kids Would Drive Me Crazy'

I am not the most patient, gentle or particularly kid-friendly person in the world. In fact, if you asked my friends they may well confess to putting me pretty damn close to the bottom of the list entitled :

'Most Likely to Homeschool'

I am easily annoyed, impatient, prone to irrational ranting and most importantly NOISE PHOBIC. You have to agree this does not sound like the ideal qualification for a homeschool parent.

I do, however, possess the ability to research, motivate, inspire and ultimately manage my shortcomings in order to educate my kids in a way that I believe is most beneficial to them.

I am more intentional in the way I structure my time. My kids need to be educated but I need a life outside of that role. I make the time to see my friends, to indulge some of my interests and to exercise.

Three things make this balance possible :

  • My kids are older and can stay on their own while I disappear for a run/coffee with a friend.
  • I have an incredible support network of friends and family who are always more than willing to help me.
  • A husband that is completely supportive 

Homeschooling would be far less breezy if these three critical props were not in place.

The biggest surprise to me has been the RADICAL change in my kids since they have been home. They are nicer people. They are less sarcastic, mean and competitive. They appreciate the little things. They are more respectful and tolerant of everyone around them. Most importantly they are far less annoying, smug and condescending to one another.

Yes, they fight, they argue and they drive me nuts. They are still normal kids but somehow the edge is gone and having them around me almost 24/7 does not feel uncomfortable or restrictive. It feels like this is how it should be for us right now.


  1. You are bringing up some wonderful little people with your homeschooling.
    I have to say that it's definitely a perk to leave the kids (who are now older) old enough to look after themselves, for a bit.

  2. Haha - you make me laugh. You're an awesome homeschool mom doing an amazing job with gorgeous kids! Nice, normal kids we enjoy being around is such a wonderful perk to homeschooling hey?