Thursday, July 18, 2013

Story of the World

I am really loving this series.

Susan Bauer has written these books in such an engaging style - it certainly takes skill to keep the minds of both a child and an adult stimulated simultaneously.

Today I am busy printing out the lapbook exercises for the next 2 weeks as well as setting up visual timelines. These will definitely help ground the evolution of time and the visual display will be up for all my kids to begin to understand the evolution of our world and how we came to the present age.

An example of an 'in progress'  timeline (not mine)

Read here how one family used Story of the World.

Go here for a myriad of free resources (which we are using) for both Volume 1 and 2 of SOTW

Monday, July 15, 2013

Term 3

The new term is upon us.

Once again Lulu and I are gearing up - me eldest has decided she is not ready for homeschooling and would prefer to finish her primary schooling years in formal education....and we relook things for high school. I think she has showed great wisdom in her decision even though I would have been happy to school her at home.

This term holds all kinds of opportunities as I am now captain of this ship. Last term I took Lulu out of school mid-term and we kind of floundered around a bit finding a rhythm and seeing how best to play out the homeschool gig.

This term I have a very clear idea of how life is going to look.

Last term we studied the life of Anne Frank and it proved to be a wonderful experience; this term we will be looking at the remarkable life of our very own Nelson Mandela. Such a pertinent subject right now as the media spotlight falls on him daily; if only the world would let him pass in peace! There has been much discussion at home around who he was in the life of South Africans so it feels perfectly natural to take that into our classroom.

We will also be starting the fabulous Story of the World series - this book as been on my shelf for YEARS and I am so excited to have the opportunity to actually meander through it with Lulu.

This morning Lulu spent time refreshing her memory around bonds (addition/subtraction) using XtraMath.

From there she spent time painting a ceramic pot for a plant that is fast outgrowing its current home - while she did this I began reading the kids version of The Long Walk to Freedom.

Break time for her meant making herself a snack and playing with the dogs while I went out for a quick 5k run.

Last order of business today will be lesson 1 from our new Math-U-See Gamma Curriculum and then some narration from our book this morning.

Happy week to you all!