Saturday, October 5, 2013

And then there were TWO!

Yesterday was my eldest daughters last day of formal schooling. Yes, it has finally come to pass.

I had no intention of ever schooling my other kids when I took Lulu out in May. I had specific reasons for taking her out that did not apply to my other two kids however as time has gone by my thoughts have changed drastically about home education.

I am now in a place (and have been for about 2 months) where I really would like ALL my kids at home. The thought of taking them through their entire school career no longer daunts me. While I have fears and insecurities, like any parent, I am confident that I can provide a home  education of a very high standard.

I have had to WAIT for the right timing. I did not want to take Honey (Grade 6) out of school until she was ready. Initially the thought of homeschool was abhorrent to her; she could think of nothing worse. Slowly but surely little things have changed - I do believe it has been a journey for her - and she is so ready to try this adventure.

It seems just crazy to people as there are only 7 weeks of school left - why not wait until next year to take her out? I asked myself that question and all I came up with was WHY WAIT? There seemed no good reason to wait at all. So I didn't. :-)

Again, I have to say the school have been amazing. They support us fully; have provided me with the full terms worksheets/curriculum for use. This may be useful if she decides to return to Grade 7 in the new year - at least I have all the material and can catch her up. (worst case scenario!)

I have high hopes that my lad will join us next year, but that will be a post all on its' own!


  1. great stuff Mel, proud of you! Rachel and Faith are two blessed little people!

  2. I agree with Anne
    Well done - it takes a special kind of courage to launch into something like this.
    Your kids are going to have such an interesting time learning with you . . .

  3. What reasons do you give a school when you take out a child for home schooling?
    I am glad that you don't find home schooling al 3 children daunting anymore

  4. Awesome. In some ways I am quite jealous that I never had the chance- however, I don't know that I would be as brave as you.
    All the best and am sure its going to be awesome.