Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Taking the Good with the Bad

It has been a mixed blessing kind of homeschool day.

This morning was rather horrendous as we tackled two Conquesta papers (English and Maths). The English was a breeze but while we have tackled multiplication, area and perimeter the Conquesta paper focused on division and fractions.

No matter how I tried to explain to Lulu that ultimately we would cover EVERYTHING in maths and that the sequence differs from school/country/curriculum she was just distraught and felt dumb. Anyway, disaster was averted after tea and toast; we persevered and she completed the test to the best of her ability. I glanced at it before handing it in and she did brilliantly - not sure why our kids underestimate themselves?

The one thing I am trying desparately to teach her is that getting stuff wrong DOES NOT equal failure. She is still so afraid to try answer things unless she is sure it will be the correct answer. School does this; of this I am convinced.

Slowly she is beginning to understand that through trial and error we grow and learn.

On the flipside we had some giggles today while studying Subject and Predictate - Mr Morton had us entertained! Even my Grade 6 daughter (who studied this early this year) thoroughly enjoy it and now says she understands the concept better than ever. Such a catchy tune I find myself humming ol' Mr Morton while folding the laundry!


  1. Ah Mel what a journey you are on. This is one of my biggest issues with Ally, she so desperately does not want to disappoint or get something wrong that she just shuts down and can't answer the easiest of questions sometimes. I am desperately trying to instill in her that she goes to school or lessons in order to "LEARN" a new thing or skill and that no one expects her to know or be able to do it. Also that the best lessons are often learnt from failing first and you only "fail" if you don't keep trying. So hard, and I completely agree that the schooling system is partly to blame. That is why I so admire your journey x

  2. Oh Mel. I am trying precisely the same thing towards my son. That getting something wrong does not equal failure. It's a tough job but with your patience, I am sure you will get this through to her.