Monday, June 3, 2013

Notes from a 9yr old homeschooler

How is homeschooling different to regular school?

How homeschooling is different to real school is that number one I get to take breaks whenever I want number two is that I don't have to do orals and number three is that I get to spend a lot more time with my mom which I like.

Do you do more work, less work or the same as at school?

I think I do more work than I've ever done in my life.It's because my class was kind of slow in their work.

Do you miss your school life?Like your friends,assembly,plays,sports day?

I don't really miss my school life that much.I think I'm only going to miss sports day and assembly.Why  
because I liked seeing the skits in assembly and I enjoy winning sports day for my team.

Don't you get bored when you are all alone every morning?

Sometimes I get lonely and bored while my mom's out but most of the time I'm pretty happy to stay home alone.

What are your Top 3 favourite things about working at home?

My top three are my mom is there most of the time to help me,I get to do work on the laptop and I enjoy having my mom's company.

What is the worst thing?

My worst thing is doing my eye exercises.

Would you like your brother and sister to be home schooled?

I would like both of them here but I'd like Levi to come home when he's a bit older so he's not so boisterous!

Does your mom get irritated with you or is she a nice teacher?

My mom never ever gets irritated with me. I'm not lying.

What your morning routine? Do you do school in your pj's?

Yes sometimes I do school in my pj's and my morning routine is:eye exercises,maths and English and last of all timetables and  extra math on the laptop.

Do you have to do chores AND school work?

Yes i have to do chores AND school work.

Do you get homework?

No I don't get homework even if I don't finish something. I just do it the next day.

Do you do projects?

Yes I do do projects.

Do you write tests?

I don't write tests now but I think I'll do them in the future.

Will you go back to regular school one day?

I hope I won't go back to normal school because I'm enjoying being home schooled so much!

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  1. Love it! Faith - you are one lucky girl! Enjoy it to the fullest!
    Lots of love
    Grannie Annie xxx